Portsmouth, VA

Portsmouth – the Independent City in Virginia

Portsmouth is a hidden gem that captures minds and hearts with its charm. The city was inspired by the British Portsmouth. Hence, you will be able to discover some of its flavors in the streets name Glasgow, Queen, and London. Relocating to Portsmouth is always a good idea, considering that the city is always ready to welcome new residents.

Brief Overview of Portsmouth

Portsmouth in Hampton Roads offers a relaxed lifestyle to its residents. Seated at the mouth of Elizabeth River, it is home to the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The historic Portsmouth real estate gives off a timeless vibe with a few buildings dating back to the town’s founding in the 1750s. 

While Portsmouth is smaller in size compared to the other Virginian towns and cities, Portsmouth neighborhoods don’t fail to offer fun activities for residents to indulge in. In fact, there are enough things to do that residents rarely head to larger nearby cities in search of entertainment.

Enjoy an ideal weekend for residents in Portsmouth, including shopping in Olde Towne, a street lined with antique stores, cycling stores, clothing boutiques, gift shops, and other retail establishments offering a wide array of merchandise, enjoying a hearty meal at one of the several eateries, and taking a post-lunch stroll down to the Fresnel Lens, a historic lighthouse lens.

When it comes to housing in Portsmouth, options are plenty—from small and simple to extravagant and luxurious. You will be able to witness a fantastic mix of architectural style and price points, with old early 1900 colonials and contemporary single-family dwellings ready to be occupied.

The most desired neighborhoods are located in the northwest parts of the city, while the more affordable ones can be found in the southeast regions. The median house prices in Portsmouth are $239,645, which is less expensive than the national median of $376,286.

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Education in Portsmouth

Education for Portsmouth is good and ranks high on national and statewide levels compared to other cities. These ranks are calculated based on factors like public school enrollment rates, teacher-to-student ratios, graduation rates, and student and parent reviews. 

Portsmouth is served by the Portsmouth Public Schools, which operates three public high schools in three corners of the city. Churchland High School is located in the northwest region, while I.C. Norcom High School is in the downtown section, between London Blvd and High Street. Manor High School is located in the southwest section of the city, on Elmhurst Lane.

Climate in Portsmouth

Expect some great weather in Portsmouth around the year. Meaning, you could indulge in all kinds of outdoor activities, from watching your favorite concerts—the city has a lot of them throughout the year—to fishing, swimming, or visiting the parks. 

Portsmouth residents enjoy 217 sunny days per year compared to the US national average of 205 days. The summers and humid, with warm evenings. The means annual temperature ranges around 65 degrees, with an average snowfall of five inches per year and an average rainfall of 47 inches per year.

Spring and Summer happen to be the wettest season. However, rainfall is constant all year round.

Public Transportation in Portsmouth

Despite its small size, you still have access to some public transportation options if needed to get to other cities or to run errands. Ferries run back and forth across the river and bay and are a great way to commute to the nearby larger cities. 

You can also take buses offered by the regional bus service, Hampton Roads Transit, or board a train from Newport News Station or Norfolk Station to get to areas along the Northeast Corridor.

Make Your Home in Portsmouth

The combination of top-notch education, a lower crime rate, diversity, and lower cost of living, makes Portsmouth a great place to call home

Affordability is an important factor here. The housing costs won’t take up a lot of your income. Additionally, the city has a healthy economy with plenty of job opportunities.

Ultimately, what makes this small city great to live in might be subjective. Some people admire the tight-knit community, while others prefer the weather or education opportunities. However, what’s important here is that Portsmouth is a great place to call home.

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