Suffolk, VA

Suffolk – Live Surrounded by The Small-Town Charm

Suffolk is one great place in Hampton Roads that a person in any stage of life can call home. Whether you are a young and just starting out, raising a family, or retired, Suffolk will cater to your needs. 

Rich in history dating back to the Jamestown settlements, it is a vibrant city filled with arts and culture, outdoor recreation, festivals, culinary achievements, and family-friendly attractions.

Brief Overview of Suffolk

Suffolk is a rare blend of rural charm with modern-city amenities and a highly rated school system. 

Located just a few miles away from Virginia’s beautiful East Coast beaches and other natural areas, the city is brimming with recreational opportunities. It is an epitome of the southern city’s charm—history, warmth, and friendliness.

While the number of homes for sale in Suffolk may tell you that this is a residential area, there is more than meets the eye and offers plenty to keep you busy. Washington Street is where you will find a plethora of boutique stores selling gifts and keepsakes.

This is also where you can stop to smell and taste some tantalizing roasted peanuts. Suffolk is considered the birthplace of Planters Peanuts. You can even find a statue in the city dedicated to Mr. Peanut.

The area surrounding North Main Street is lined by high-end and budget-friendly culinary options—from chain fast-food joints to Italian restaurants. Beyond that, Suffolk is also great for outdoor enthusiasts. You can find a lot of green spaces and parks within driving distance of downtown, including Lone Star Lakes Park and Bennett’s Creek. Nevertheless, the main attraction in the city is the Great Dismal Swamp, which offers miles of trails, and wildlife, great for kayaking and biking. Those who enjoy boating will find the area’s extensive open waters, which are home to killifish, bass, and crabs, a prime spot for a peaceful afternoon.

When it comes to housing options, potential homeowners have a number of options. You can choose from the early 20th-century townhomes to the recently built single-family houses. The median house value is $324,428, which is slightly less than the state average.

As Suffolk blends both rural and urban life, you will easily be able to find lakefront homes surrounded by several acres of land at attractive prices. Alternatively, if you don’t need a yard space, you can search for a home downtown and be just moments away from the city’s stores and restaurants. Regardless of where you choose to live in Suffolk, you will get to enjoy a high quality of life and friendliness.

Homes for Sale

Education in Suffolk

The local public school system, the Suffolk Public Schools, operates 12 elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools, and one alternative school in the city. In addition, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy is a private college preparatory school located on Pruden Blvd.

Climate in Suffolk

The climate in Suffolk is characterized by hot and humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. On average, there are about 210 sunny days per year, which is greater than the national average of 205 days. 

Summers last long, with temperatures ranging at 89 degrees but are often interrupted by frequent rainfall. Suffolk gets 48 inches of rain a year compared to the US average of 38 inches.

Winters are short, with temperatures ranging 30 degrees and an average snowfall of around five inches per year, compared to the US average of 28 inches a year.

Public Transportation in Suffolk

Suffolk is served by the Suffolk Transit offers local bus services. The fixed-route transit services are offered to the core Downtown area and Northern Suffolk areas, and connection from Downtown to HRT in the Chesapeake Square area before continuing on to the North Suffolk Library.

Make Your Home in Suffolk

Suffolk has constantly been ranked one of the best cities for young families in Virginia. The most desired neighborhoods are in the southwest parts of the city. However, you will find more affordable homes in the southeast regions. 

The median house prices in Suffolk are $327,770, meaning homes in the city are less expensive than the US median of $376,286.

With numerous recreational opportunities, delicious dining scenes, and never-ending festivals, you’ll find plenty of reasons to establish your lifestyle in Suffolk.

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